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Candlefuse is:
Ben Honeycutt - Lead vocals, guitar
Drew Garrett - Lead guitar, vocals
Steven Howell - Bass, vocals
Brian Hechler - Drums, vocals


Candlefuse are a four man Christian Metal band from Fyffe, AL. with diverse musical backgrounds who share one common goal: a desire to serve God with their abilities. They are not just another rock band in a world of a few too many, but a ministry designed to reach out to a world of Christians and non-Christians alike as a testimony of God’s love.

Candlefuse’s guitar-driven, yet melodic rock appeals to a largely diverse audience, and their high-energy live show has attracted a following of all ages. They have performed on such television stations as INSP and Steelroots TV. They've also been featured in the Christian music magazine, Christrock, and have been honored to share the stage with such notable acts as Kutless, Disciple, BarlowGirl, Salvador, and many others.

Candlefuse worked with Dove-award winning producer Barry Blair (Audio Adrenaline, Bleach) on their self-titled EP which was released in early 2005. Their latest release Never Go Unheard is set to hit the shelves in January 2006. Produced by Blair, It features ten beautifully-crafted tracks that speak of eternal truths relevant for today.


Candlefuse's Mission Statement

 With purpose, poetry, and passion, we choose to follow Jesus Christ
and the ministry example He set: To go out into the highways and hedges
and compel souls to come in. We pray that our ministry will bring
edification to the body of Christ and be a hand of comfort and
healing to an aching world in need of His love.


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