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I like to thank the following for all there support in the making of this site.
Jesus Christ - The Lord of my life for always being there to show me the way.
Christy Johnson - My beautiful wife who I love with all my heart.
Ben Honeycutt
Drew Garrett
Steven Howell
Brian Hechler
Cody, Emily & Anthony - My Children.
Pastor Bob Beeman - For his blessings and freindship.
Tom Denlinger - For his freindship.
Scott Waters - Vocalist for Ultimatum.
Arthur Adams ( - For all the support & freindship.
James B. - For the support & suggestions.
Jennifer  - At Indie Community for her help and advice.
Steve, Ginger, Jim & Ethizabeth Odom - At Berean Christian Resource Center, Sumiton and Jasper, AL.
Jeff Webb - Thanks for the freindship over the years.


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